The Cockpit and Stern

This is the stern of the boat. I have mounted a Yamaha long shaft 6 HP motor on a drop down motor mount. I added a teak backing plate which is 1" deep to the motor mount. This prevents the motor from hitting the stern when I have it all the way up out of the water.

I originally had a 4 HP regular shaft Yamaha, but everytime I went to the bow, the motor would come all of the way out of the water. I could either lose weight or buy a long shaft motor. I bought the long shaft and have never had the problem since (except for losing weight).

I also added the boarding ladder so that it is easy to get into the boat after swimming or floating around.

This is a better shot of the grill on the stern. When not in use, I put it into a bag and stow it below.

You will also notice when I had the bottom painted with anti-fouling paint, they also painted the lower part of the rudder blade (dark color on the rudder blade). This kept the growth off of my rudder when I had her docked.

When the weather is good, we eat outside in the cockpit.

Here I have set up the cockpit table between the cockpit seats. When I designed this table, I made sure it was narrow enough to fit in the cabin and spaced the legs to fit between the cockpit seats. I also added some trim around the top edges so dishes wouldn't slide off. On back of the right (left facing forward) cockpit seat is my portable dish and pan carrier which I built. My place setting for four and all of my pots fit into this box which is easily stowed in the locker below the "V" berth. As you can see, when I take it out, I have built a hinged brace so that the top can be opened all of the way and used as a cooking shelf. On the shelf is my second one burner stove which I carry.

I have also taken the grill top off and am ready to start cooking.

Click here to see how I made my COCKPIT TABLE.

This is a close-up of my "Kitchen" Box that I built. I keep all of my dishes, eating utensils and cooking pot and pan in this box. I use two rope handles to carry it and have added a hinged support to prop up the top so that I can use it for a cooking area.

Next step, get her in the water and maybe some on the water pictures.