Mast Crutches

I have always wanted to build some nice sturdy Mast Crutches for when I trailer the "Widget". I had built a "make shift" crutch to keep the mast off of the cabin hatch, but wanted something that would protect the bow pulpit and cabin and also make it easier to rig.

After I saw Ray Henry's Mast Crutches, I now had an idea of what to do. He had built some nice ones which I figured I could adapt to my boat. For my first Fall Project, I decided to only build a bow crutch and a stern crutch. If need be, I can always build another one for the middle. I have both the bow and stern secured with bungee cords. The two on the stern are adjustable.

If you click on the picture below, you will see them in more detail.

Next step is to coat each, along with my tiller, with Marine Spar Urethane.