Andy's Skippers Mate

Last Updated: August 20, 2006


XUT - Southern Sails, Inc., Clearwater, Florida
SM040 - Probably the 40th boat built.
M83 - Model Year 1983
A - Built in August

Andy has had his Skippers Mate for a while. There have been a few improvements on this fine boat.

A Bimini has been added and also a stern pulpit. The stern pulpit not only adds safety, but also is where he welded his rear Mast Support for trailering.

Here you can see how the rear Mast Support is welded to the stern pulpit. Nice job.

In this picture, you can see how the V-berth was shortend and the port and starboard berths were lengthened for better sleeping arrangements. It gets your knees from under the cockpit when sleeping on either of the rear berths.

There is a hinged cover for the Porti Potti. It makes it more useable than storing the Porti Potti under the cabin hatchway.