Sanibel 18
"S. S. Minnow II"

Last Updated: Decembe 7, 2015

HIN: CVI0119AA787

CVI - Captiva Yachts, Inc., Oldsmar, Florida.
0119A - Probably the 119th boat built.
A7 - Built January 1987.
87 -Model Year 1987

Clay sold his boat and I do not known who is the new owner is. Clay has bought "Why Knot" from Steve who bought "Kuuipo" from Jacques and Ginny and re-named her "S. S. Minnow II". He has provided us with some pictures of his boat with some upgrades.

Docked on the divits.


Perfect boat for going to the beach. .

This is Hideaway beach, Marco Island, mid-August, 2013.

Bimini top from yard sale 15 years ago. I restitched it
by hand last year, Once it gets too bad I'll redo it with the
sewing machine, but for now it keeps the Florida sun at bay. .

Bow roller - lets me deploy and retrieve the
anchor without leaving the cockpit; works great!

Rack is for: net, boat hook, fishing poles, boarding ladder, etc.

Pulley and jam cleat makes it easy to raise and lower the rudder
without having to reach around the back of the rudder and pull on the line.

Vberth and fire extinguisher inside of the cabin.

Porta potti under the companion way into the cabin.

Hose is routed to the bottem of the stern
compartment so I can suck the water out using a kayak pump, .

Got adaptor for the Tahatsu outboard to flush the engine;
since it is always on the stern. It's easier than hanging/sinking
a trash can of frest water from the stern
to flush the engine. The black and red item is a salt water flush
adaptor that I hook up between the adaptor and
a garden hose to flush the engine while I run the gas out of the carb.

Steve added the Mast crutch.

Steve added the Trailer motor mount.

Jacques added the Tiller/rudder motor steering.

Clay used 1/2 by 4 3/4 stern eyes because of the thickness
of the transom with the hull and liner.

The lifting adaptor in the cabin's vberth bolted
to the new bow eye and the 5/8 threaded
rod I cut to size to accommodate
the deck cleat.

Deck cleat that is also a lift point; used belt and suspender
approach, will remove sling after a few days. Put hoses
on the "ears" because they were going to be a hazard,
but turned sideways I'll probably remove them.

Clay added a 1/2 by 3 7/16 bow eye.

Great place to keep the boat.

Library book: Don Casey's Canvaswork and Sail Repair.
Cut up my Sunbrella power boat cover. (boat is gone)
This is my first effort with a sewing machine.

Side view.

Rear view.
He has done an outstanding job.