Pip's my boat... a 1984 Commodore Skipper's Mate (Hull # 49). I brought Pip home in the summer of 2002 and proceeded to not leave well enough alone. Lifelines, ripping apart the inside, plotting more mayhem to the topside, all that and more awaited Pip in Ithaca. Here are some photos of what's been going on so far.

Here's Pip at dock on Cayuga Lake in Lansing, NY. You can see the stanchions, lifelines, and netting I've added. There's also a 6hp Evinrude hanging off the transom now.
I've been thinking about what it would take to make Pip a better weekender and decided that I really needed a permanent place for a cooler and porta-potty. So out came the starboard bunk. I lined the edges with oak trim which is stained and varnished. The cooler fit into the starboard aft storage locker quite nicely.

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Next step will be to build a table that mounts just ahead of the cooler.
Here you can see the rest of the starboard reconstruction. The porta-potty now has a home. You can also see the battery main switch and the starboard map light. The battery is under the v-berth and the distribution panel is under the companionway. Other electrical mayhem has included the addition of navigation lights and overhead amber-colored rope lights.
Here's the v-berth and the port quarterberth. You can also see the plug and mount for the port maplight as well as a vent I put into the vberth. All the way forward is a trim ring mounted into the ceiling which is part of a solar vent I installed.
I haven't done much of the topside work yet but here's one improvement. This is a Plastimo Mini-Contest compass mounted on the bulkhead.
Diane added a bimini to Pip. To the right, you can see it stored for trailering. Below, it is up for sailing and to the lower right, she has added the sides and back for over nighting at anchor.


So what's next? New halyards, cabin and cockpit tables, forward hatch, cockpit cushions, floorboards, and all manner of wood trim. Bit by bit.