Eric's Home Built Sanibel 18

Last Updated: January 6, 2004

HIN: FLZK9092D989

FLZ - Home Built in Florida.
K9092 - Model Number.
D9 - Built April 1989.
89 - Model Year = 1989.

Eric has provided us with some pictures of his "Home Built" Sanibel 18.
Your can contact Eric at

A little history around Eric's "Volcano". He bought his boat from Eckerd College in St.Petersburg, Florida and their info was that it was a homebuilt/modified Sanibel 18. From the HIN number, it appears to have used a Sanibel 18 hull. (It is the normal length of a Sanibel at 17' 2".)

Eric has found some additional information about his "homemade" Sanibel. Actually it is a combination of a Sanibel 18 hull and a Sovereign 18 deck.

Sovereign Yachts of Port Richie, Fl, made pocket cruisers much the same as the Sanibel and I found an article in the Small Boat Journal archives that described mine to a tee. All the hardware is the same and the starboard hatchway, ports,etc.

For whatever reason, the gentleman who had the boat, re-did the forward hatch and sliding top in Plexiglas? And I have been able to see where the second set of ports were closed off and re-fiberglassed.

Now this is a potential first mate.
Notice the side entrance into the cabin, instead of the normal middle location.

Can you have two first mates?
Notice the forward hatch on the bow instead of the cabin top.

Eric getting ready for a short sail.
Notice the single port on each side of the cabin, instead of the normal two ports.

Ah...this is what it is all about.

Now this is where the action is.
Apparently, the sails are re-purposed from another boat.

Isn't life grand.

Notice the lose footed main sail.

After a great day of sailing. Ready to go home.

Some interesting differences are:

Eric bought the boat, cleaned her up and painted the interior over the Thankgiving holiday. It did not have a finished interior, so Eric has built a floor and seating area in the forward part of the cabin. He is now waiting on cushions for the cabin. He does have a Jib which he used on New Year's Day. He has a "sweet" boat.