Andrew & Deb's Sanibel 17

Last Updated: February 8, 2011

HIN: CVI0085AE686

CVI - Captiva Yachts, Inc., Oldsmar, Florida.
0085A - 85th boat built.
E6 - Built May 1986.
86 - Model Year = 1986.

Andrew and Deb have bought "Buttercup" and named her "Bella".

Andrew and Deb's "Bella".

I am keeping Eric's original pictures of "Buttercup" and his mast raising system.

Heading out.

Parked but ready to go.

Keel guide on the trailer.

Raising the mast with this neat system.

Eric is ready to leave the dock.

Taking a break.

Interior Cushions.

Heading back in.