Greg's Trailer Guides

Last Updated: June 4, 2004

We had a lovely overnight sail on a Widget this weekend, but while pulling the boat out, we had trouble determining if the stern is centered on the bunks (She has a relatively flat bottom). So we decided to add goal posts.

First I went the easy way and bought a pair from Boater's World, but I couldn't extend them out enough. So I decided to make my own.

Everything came from Home Depot:

Using hacksaw I cut the stabilizer in half and PVC pipe to three 40" sections. Than I used the stabilizer mounting hardware to attach two halves to the trailer frame. I also drilled 3/8" hole in the end caps to allow for the water to enter the post. I used third piece of pipe to stiffen two sides. I might put a screw through the PVC to secure it, but it seems to hold fine for now.

Here is a picture of a finished product:

I only need to remember to hose the trailer off with fresh water if I use it in salt water, because the stabilizer is aluminum, so there could be some galvanic corrosion, but I would do it anyway in salt water.

I'll let you know how well the goal posts are working next time we use it.