Skipper's Mate

Last Updated: April 9, 2005

The history of the boat is Dave bought it from a gentleman in Hudson, FL who had purchased it from another owner in Crystal River, FL. Before that, it was located somewhere in Ohio.
Apparently, the original owner bought the hull and deck and finished the boat themselves, i.e., a home built without a HIN.
Jim bought the boat from Dave in February 2005.


Although the original,
you can not beat the style.

In the water and ready to go.

When it comes to "slipping" a boat,
this is the way to go.

Since the original tiller was damaged,
Dave built a new one. Nice job.

He replaced the wood around the cabin opening.

Since Dave did not have a mounted ladder,
he built this PVC ladder.
He is going to test it to see if it floats, and if it does, he will add some sand to it.

Dave has some interior shots of his boat.

Although made of plywood, the layout is similar to the Sanibel line.

Storing the ladder.

Port side.

Dave has provided some pictures of his boat under sail. Thanks Dave.