John's Skipper's Mate 17
"Wave Function"

Last Updated: June 17, 2006

XUT - Southern Sails, Inc., Clearwater, Florida
SM029 - 29th boat built.
M82 - Model Year 1982
J- Built in May.

New Pictures

Lake Wateree parallels Interstate-77 between Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC, so this lake is an excellent stop-over while traveling N/S along the East Coast. The lake is relatively undeveloped with surprisingly little boat traffic (we recently held a San Juan Regatta on the same day as a bass fishing tourney, and there were no 'conflicts' with regard to boat traffic). The lake is approx. 15 miles long with several areas a mile or more wide.

Other sailing nearby (within a two-three hour drive): Lake Wylie, SC, Lake Murray, SC, Charleston Harbor, SC, Lake Norman, NC.

John took these pictures on May 20, 2001 at the End of the School Year picnic for the church Youth Group. [Below Picture] The orange dots are of FIVE middleschoolers piled on the boat (two boys and John in the cockpit, one boy on the cabintop and two girls on the forepeak). As you can tell, no wind (again) as he motors out...the kids decided they would rather ride the ski boat, since it moves faster. The right picture is John and the youth minister, Cindy, coming back in after a good sail. From this shot, you can tell the wind had picked up a bit, so the kids just missed out. Oh well. They are coming in to the dock under main, but no motor (yet).