Jon's Sanibel 17
Formerly, "Jailbait"

Last Updated: November 13, 2004

HIN: CVI0098AF686

CVI - Captiva Yachts, Inc., Oldsmar, Florida.
0098A - Probably the 98th boat built.
F6 - Built June 1986.
86 -Model Year 1986.

History: Jon had a chat with Fabian Minors ( The previous owner of this boat which Fabian bought in 1991). Fabian had bought the boat from David Ashton . David was contacted and he informed Jon that he actually acted as a broker for a gentleman who was buying his 41' yacht but needed to sell his sailboat to help finance the deal. He told Jon that the gentleman who was buying his 41' boat was Duke Soares and that the boat Duke had to sell was a Sanibel. It just so happens that Bermuda is relatively small (65 thousand residents) and Jon has known "Duke" on a casual basis from the time he joined the Fire Service in 1977.

He spoke with Duke and he told Jon that he imported the boat from Florida in 1986/1987. He was living on St. David's Island at the time. His neighbor was so impressed with his Sanibel that Duke sold it to him and then imported another one for himself. He told Jon that the second boat he imported had roller furling on the jib (the first boat didn't). Jon owns the second of these two boats, because his has the 'Ronstan' roller furling unit. Duke said he paid between $10,000 and $11,000 for each boat (He had to add shipping and import duty to the original price of the boats.). Jon looked for the other Sanibel where she was last moored but could not find her. ( NEW: As you can see from the bottom picture, Jon did finally find her.)

Jon's boat has had a colorful past with hurricanes. She has broken away twice and parked herself on the rocks next to the beach in the pictures below. As a result, she has chaffed some gel coat from her side and probably from her bottom as she ground the rocks smooth where she sat. He pried and levered her back over board at high tide with the help of a convenient 2"x 6" x 6' board he had found washed up on the beach. He then walked her back out to her moorings which he had repaired at the previous low tide. At low tide she sits on the sand. She is a tuff little boat. Lesser boats would have been broken up on the rocks.

Jon bought the boat in March of 1996, It is kept on a mooring at Peter Tucker's Bay in Spanish Point, Pembroke parish ,Bermuda. It came with a SS 4 rung (folding) ladder on the transom; main, ,jib and genoa sails (roll/furling drum on the forward); 6hp yamaha long shaft outboard on a SS adjustable height motor mount and covered cushions. It has a bow rail but no stern rail. The hatch is mounted on a separate fiberglass flange screwed to the cabin roof (which appears to be provided by the manufacturer). He sails the boat along the North Shore, through the great sound and all of the small islands comprising an area know locally as" paradise lake" . The longest sail has been to the beach next to Fort St. Catherine in St.Georges, about 15 miles.

The other Sanibel (the first one) that Duke bought is shown Below.
You will notice it does not have a mast or boom.