Jose's Sanibel 18

Last Updated: February 23, 2010

HIN: HMSS215D909

HMS - International Marine, Inglewood, California
S - Sanibel
215 - Hull Number (16th boat built)
D9 - Built April 2009
09 - Model Year 2009

Jose has provided pictures of his new International Marine Sanibel 18

Jose and his wife enjoy "Luna".

His children (crew) enjoy sailing.

"Luna" sailing with the West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron.

Jose lowering the mast.

Gin pole helps take off some of the pressure.

Finally down.

Under Sail.

Sailing at Ft. DeSoto.

Under Sail.

Rudder stored for trailering.

Centerboard controls.

Inside of the cabin.

View from the stern.

Jose is ready to go.

The best of both worlds.

Note: Some of these pictures are from the West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron's web site.