Chuck's Sanibel 17
"After You"

Last Updated: Sept. 18, 2006

HIN: CVI0049AC585
CVI - Captiva Yachts, Inc., Oldsmar, Florida.
0049A - 49th boat built.
C5 - Built March 1985.
85 - Model Year = 1985


Ron sold his Sanibel to Chuck. Here are Ron's pictures.

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Putting in at Cayo Costa
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I noticed the severe weather helm on Island Girl during our first cruise to Charlotte Harbor. I was convinced that some rig tuning was in order to cure the problem, but I was also sure that the standard tiller length or 41 inches was not long enough for the enormously heavy rudder that is standard on this vessel.

Once before thirty years ago I had a Grampian 23 with a very short tiller, and I would be worn out at the end of the day, especially if we were doing a lot of broad reaching.

I contacted Jeff Plentivich, who does almost all the fine teak trim on ComPac, Nimble and Sea Pearl sailboats here in Clearwater Florida. He also has a business called "Woody Beach Chairs." He built me a custom tiller for Island Girl for a very reasonable price. Jeff probably still has the jig for it, if you'd like to give him a call. His phone number is 727-771-2625 (home), 727-771-2625 (work).

Did it work? You're darn right it worked. One of those Greek guys (Archimedes?) once said.. "Give me a long enough lever (tiller) and I could move the world."

The new tiller is 52 inches long.. eleven inches longer than the original. It doesn't intrude into the cockpit much more, and places the helmsman where his weight belongs, closer to the center of the cockpit.

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Ron's "sport-a-seat" (above left) that he uses below in the cabin a lot so that he can keep from bumping his head on the cabin top sides. It has a rigid back with a ratchet to adjust the angle from 90 degrees all the way to flat. Thick foam too.. about 4 inches.

It does not get better than this!

Ron's Sanibel made it to one of the WCTSS outings.