Sanibel 18
"Sandy B"

Last Updated: August 22, 2004

HIN: CVI0143AF788

CVI - Captiva Yachts, Inc., Oldsmar, Florida.
0143A - Probably the 143th boat built.
F7 - Built June 1987.
88 -Model Year 1988

NOTE: Jack F. originally bought and fixed up the "Sandy B", but then sold it. I have retained Jack's original modifications below.

Last Updated: November 26, 2002

Sandy and I loved our 1987 Sanibel that we ordered new in February 1987 and received in May. However, it was not well suited to Lake Michigan's chop, and we decided to get a larger boat, more suited to living aboard every weekend. We traded Island Girl (#124) in for an O'Day 302 but often wished it were possible to keep her. Fast forward 14 years and shift from Chicago to Florida. We looked through all sorts of want ads with no luck but then struck on the idea of searching all the registered Sanibels in Florida. The Department of Motor Vehicles supplied us with a list and we contacted by mail or phone all the owners (17) in Florida. Five owners wanted to sell and we found a 1988 Sanibel 18 (#143) at a great price which needed some work. We bought the boat, which had been sitting for 4 years, and began the restoration.

Sandy B goes Sailing

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Jack finally gets another Sanibel

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Our goal was to finish the boat by the fall sailing season; in Florida you sail in the fall, winter and spring. We sold the Suzuki motor and the original tanbark sails over the Internet. We purchased a new Honda 5hp motor to power the boat. Masthead Enterprises in St. Petersburg recut 2 used sails for a main and a genoa and supplied a used furler also. Pompanette, which now owns Bomar and Gray, supplied an aluminum frame hatch and 4 aluminum frame ports (on sale!) to replace the broken ones; that took one weekend to remove and replace.

Replacing the hatch and ports.
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Boathouse Canvas made a beautiful set of cushions to replace the rotten ones and replaced all the canvas with new Sunbrella. I reworked the electrical system and installed a new battery and put in a depth sounder.

The Interior gets a face lift.
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One surprise was that the motor mount had suffered galvanic corrosion, so I bought an all stainless one and spent an entire day installing it. A car detailer polished the hull and deck to remove the "chalking". All new running rigging was installed and I removed the damaged rub rail and replaced it with the original, made by Taco Metals in Miami.

Now the exterior gets worked on.
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We replaced the stripes and renamed the boat "Sandy B". We did have to cover the badly deteriorated "Sanibel" logo on the sides of the hull; the plastic had bonded into the gelcoat. The new name covered the old logo fine. I sanded the tiller and varnished it and replaced all the rudder bolts as well as the centerboard bolt. The boat has a neat cockpit table whose brackets supported the mast crutch. I remade the crutch with a roller (Chris Councill's idea) and put a "V" on top with PVC pipe to make it easier to "drop" the mast in. I also made a wooden support to secure the mast on the bow rail; I made it snug so the mast will not rotate and allow the spreaders to stick up, poking a hole in the cover. We're looking forward to many happy days this fall aboard "Sandy B". To send comments or questions to Jack, E-mail him at:

Finishing touches.
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