Refinishing the Bottom

Last Updated: June 27, 2004

I had a small leak problem with my boat (Which is kept in the water during the summer). Well - I repaired the bottom of Anduin and she's been leak-free for three weeks on the water.

My steps were:

  1. Built a `hoist' in my garage using new headers in the attic, 4 - 1200 lb. eyebolts, 4 - 'come-alongs', and 2 - 10,000 lb. 3" wide tow strips. Total cost was about $100. It would have cost me about $60/day for the lift at the marina and the repair took me about two weeks so this was a big savings for me! This was a project in itself!

    Anduin on the 'hoist'.

  2. Sanded off old VC17 bottom paint (wearing a full-face, two- cartridge respirator and using a HEPA filter on my shop vacuum of course). Very little dust and I never could smell or taste the old paint.

    Starboard side after initial sanding.

    Port side with some sanding to go.

  3. Ground out old blisters. There were about 10 of them and some were very large, one about 5" diameter. I think these were the cause of my slow leak.

    Three blisters ground out.
    The largest one is about 5 " in diameter.

    Closeup of a ground out blister.

  4. Filled blisters with a blister repair kit from ($85) This kit has two epoxies - one is a thin penetrating epoxy and the other is a thick building epoxy (peanut- butter consistency)

  5. Coated bottom with one coat of ESP155 and two coats of CM15 from (the owner Paul was very helpful with suggestions and answers to my questions). I think I spent about $100 for these as well I can find the exact amount of each if anyone would like to know.

    Bow after epoxy barrier coat .

    Stern after epoxy barrier coat.

  6. Coated bottom with two coats of VC17 bottom paint.

    Bottom coat of VC17.