Chalk Paint Nightstand Ideas

Nov 23rd

Bringing out the worn, hand-carved beauty of a rustic shelf takes more time than dunking a layer of paint over it chalk paint nightstand. However, the results of a multi-part effort to age and mark the wood add authenticity to land or eclectic decor. Children’s wooden nightstand can be in the age to really stand out. Plain wooden shelves from a flea market can be scaled and the age to add some character. And a simple shelf of new wood seems to be an artifact when you need and age goals.


Set up a workstation in the garden or garage where there is good ventilation and where you can make a mess. Distress chalk paint nightstand. It should look like it has seen a lot of history and maturity over time. Whack it with a frontier garden planter to buckle the wood and simulate the wormhole. Snap a chain over the woods for small hacking and drips that mimic the weathering. Rub the wood with gravel to make scratches and grooves. Cover the shelf with a steel brush to further spoil the surface. Wipe or vacuum the dust or chips left after clamping. Bleach the wood so it will look the sun bleak and salt bleached into a tired and slightly spooky shadow. Use a cloth, sponge or nylon brush to apply bleach.

Allow it to dry and then rinse off the shelf and wipe it down. When the shelf is dry again, it is ready for painting chalk paint nightstand. Paint the nightstand with a clean cloth. Use a thin, light or white latex paint. Experiment with watering the color something so it continues on the shelf, but allows the bleaching of the wood fibers and emphasizes the marks is seen through. You are not aiming on an opaque surface. Wipe on thin paint with a brush or cloth and use a clean cloth to remove some of the paint. The final finish should be pale, weatherworn and pale, showing the marks of time. Install the shelf over an old-fashioned stove or sink, in a shabby-chic bedroom or bath, or in an entrance hall in a cottage or vacation home.

Tips and warnings

Begin with wood that is so free from old paint, grease, glue and stains as possible. Children’s wood may be unevenly worn and need more rough processing. New wood is a clean canvas for painful ones. Mimic age and wear of an old piece of wood, especially along the corners and edges. Nightstand with scratches and flakes paint should be grinded or peeled before painting. Use protective goggles and rubber gloves for protection when stripping and grinding.

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