Dove White Paint for Bedroom

May 10th

Making your bedroom feel calm and welcoming can be a challenging task. A dove white paint color scheme adds an element of drama, sophistication and tranquility to a room. Use white color, furnishings, fabrics and accessories to enter the tone of your room and get the look you want in your bedroom sanctuary.

Dove White

A soft pigeon dove white paint ecru gives a soft, soothing feeling to your room. Paint your walls dampened shades of pigeon and install the list and bottom plate. Paint them ecru to compensate the white of the walls. Add a few large pieces of natural white furniture. A large wooden bed painted ecru serves as a focal point for anchoring the room and works well draped in pigeon white and ecru toile linens, giving the whole room a mild look. Install some single chairs in a mixture of ecru and hang drapes in either color in a soft fabric to finish the look.

Stark White

Use a dove white paint and sharp white as contrasting, dramatic opposites to make a statement in your bedroom. Choose a color that is dove white paint without being too close to black and choosing a pure white to really get that drama in its gray. Betting on bold, stylish furniture such as iron linens or crisp white wood to enhance color contrasts and couple them with slate white damask bedding. Use accessories; throw carpets, pillows and lush fabrics throughout the room to add texture.


For a beach look, choose a dove white paint shade and a soft eggshell color. Paint your walls in eggshells, giving the whole room a soft white-scale effect that reflects light. Shabby chic and vintage furniture, such as a cast iron bed or tile-paint armoire, add to the casual look of this room. Choose eggshell cotton bedding and stack the bed high with fluffy featherbeds and down comforters for an inviting look. Accessorize with treatment chairs slipcovered in white or eggshell cotton duck cloth for the ultimate reading corner. For a rich, dimmed imperial look, choose a white shade for your walls and shop it with rich shades of cream. White is an elegant color for living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Choose a softer tone, almost akin to lavender, or a richer, dove white paint infused with violet for a more imperial look. Accent with furniture, accessories and textiles in different cream shades to increase the richness of this purple-gray shade.

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