Cleanness and Clarity Dove Wing Paint

Feb 2nd

Dove wing paint – If you are going to remodel or redecorate your house, one of the first questions that you have to evaluate is the choice of the most suitable colors for each stay. With the colors you can shape a style, create a specific atmosphere and reflect your personality. If, in addition, you want to stimulate your senses and create warm and comfortable environments, let yourself be guided by the psychology of color. It is a technique that many painters follow and that you can easily put into practice. Here are some keys to help you choose the tones of your house and generate the best energy through the colors.

It is a study that analyzes the effect and the behavior when perceiving a color. It determines that there are a series of sensations, emotions and meanings link to each tonality. A color is capable of communicating a mood, stimulating or extinguishing, provides information. Colors are part of our daily life. We are always more identified with each other. Colors create a specific energy that can affect you; he knows that “feeling “of colors.

White and dove wing paint is the purest color, most spiritual, innocent and also peaceful. Then it is the sum of all the colors of light. One of the most interesting features of white is the way it moderates lighting. White possesses the quality of visually enlarging a space that seemed narrow or adding brightness to a dark room with only a beam of light. It is a purifying color. Then it gives a feeling of cleanness and clarity. It is ideal to lift the mood. A bet always correct and valid for any space that aspires to convey serenity and tranquility. A color that is not old fashionable and timeless.

Dove wing paint with black is the absence of color. Traditionally, the color black is relate to darkness, formality and solemnity. But also denotes power, mystery and style. It reflects, above all, elegance and sophistication; perhaps that is why it is the favorite of many designers. It is advisable to use black along with other colors on the walls. You can use it in accessories, combined with vivid colors. If used in large quantities can be overwhelming, as it absorbs light. It is a good color to use in decorative complements or to paint small surfaces of the wall that make of contrast with the rest of the decoration.

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