Limewash Paint in a Very Economical Way

Oct 22nd

Limewash paint may sound strange, but many people know that lime is a type of material use in building houses, to place on the walls as protection. Lime for painting has long served to prepare home painting in a very economical way. This is one of the ways to prepare a very low cost home painting. It is often use to paint rustic exteriors or interiors, on concrete-revolve walls and is usually color with oxides. There are two types of lime to apply to walls, aerial lime and hydraulic lime. The first comes from pure limestone, while the second is obtain from an argillaceous limestone, marl, with the presence of silica in its composition.

Although the two products are currently use. Specialists say that the former offers better results. One of the differences with normal painting is the way of application. And the previous preparation of the surface to be clean. If in most painting techniques a layer of primer or sealer should be give to the wall. In the case of lime is the opposite, so that it picks up the product well the surface must be porous, the more the better. Therefore, it should not have primer or have been previously paint with acrylics.

If it has been and we want to give limewash paint, we must first remove any remaining paint before leaving the surface clean and porous. The lime paint is prepare with lime powder and water. Some say that the art of balancing is a technique that requires time and a lot of preparation. I have seen my grandmother prepare the mixture carefully. And let it rest for at least two nights, re-pour the excess water. Add a mixture of water and salt and leave it to stand overnight before applying with a thick brush.

Some people contribute color in a very economical way using organic materials such as clay, clay or oxide. One of its disadvantages is its permeability, since it is not resistant to humidity, cracking very occasionally, losing its adhesion. The advantage is that today. If you want to protect a wall with limewash paint, in the specialize market there are a lot of ready-made products that only need to be opened and apply. With the advice given by the manufacturer, the task is somewhat simpler. It is also sold in more varied colors. Such as rose, cream, ivory, salmon, ocher or celestial. I’m imagining my grandmother if I saw a pink wall…

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