Painted Brick Homes Ideas

Jan 9th

Painted brick homes with pink brick have a soft, muted shade. Visually, pink tiles appear bright red, lighter than standard red bricks, which can make finding the right sideways color difficult. When looking for the right side track color, examine a variety of color colors. Keep samples of color slots up to the bricks themselves. Once you have reduced your choices to one or two preferred colors, color samples of each on a scrap aboard and hold the board until brick to pick the best color matching for your home.


Painted brick homes can rarely go wrong with white. It will not crash, it will not stand out, and it will not go in or out of style. In fact, it’s probably not going to make much of an impression at all; in the world of home exterior walls, white is a traditional conservative color that tends to be ignored by spectators. If you want to play on safety, white is a risk-free choice. The disadvantage is that white is missing in personality. A selection of white sideways in the context can indicate that you chose it because you could not decide on any other colors or just did not know what you were doing.

Warm Gray

Painted brick homes can gray may be a bland color, similar to white. But choosing a warm-tinted gray (i.e. gray mixed with just a small piece of warm color, like red, pink, orange or yellow) can tie sideways and bricks together, showing that you kept the color of your brick in mind when you Selected color on sideways. This way, pink and hot gray becomes a pair of matching, rather than two unrelated colors thrown together at your house. A warm, complex neutral as deep taupe adds an element of refinement to your home. Consider the connection taupe with white or bandit accents. For example, paint exterior walls and shutters in the house taupe, and paint the gutters white or white. Taupe is a classic enough color not go out of style but still classy and eye-catching.


To cut down the contrast and indicate that these two colors were actually meant to go together, use a sage that matches the pink in value. Opinion, the pink should not be any darker or lighter than sage. This allows you to take advantage of the relationship between these two colors while preventing a color from popping out against the other color. If you are thinking of covering red bricks with a white or toned white color, clean brick instead of painting them. Whitewash is much more durable than color and requires almost no maintenance.

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