Painted Picture Frames Ideas

Nov 22nd

You can go to the store every time you need to frame a photo, and hang the same old thing on your wall again and again. If you are looking for something a bit more interesting, there are several ways to make your own painted picture frames at home. Match your choice of materials to your desired home decor styles, and you have a set of one-of-a-kind photo frames that showcase your memories in the best possible light.


Measure the size of the photo you want to hit with a ruler before painted picture frames. Cut a piece of solid corrugated board, such as from a shipping box, to be larger than this photo; The size is up to you and how much of a frame you want, but generally the frame should be at least 4 inches wider and higher than the photo. Use a knife to cut the main shape of the photo frame. Cut the inside part of the photo frame to create a hole through which you can view a photo. Center the cut in the center of the frame. Use your box cutter to remove this center panel from the frame. Coat the frame in a layer of color in the color of your choice. Choose a base color that matches your home decor, and then add other layers of decorative colors, such as stripes or dots, if you choose. Add embellishments to the frame.

Glue objects from nature to the frame, such as seashells or small studs.  Select items around your home, such as buttons or tapes. Cut small pieces of decorative paper and fabrics, and use decoupage glue to apply them underneath the painted picture frames. Place the back of the frame. Cut a piece of cardboard that is as wide as the frame itself but about 1 1/2 inches shorter. Raise this piece of cardboard on the back of your frame, aiming the lower edges of both pieces. Glue around the sides and the bottom between the pieces to secure them, and then let them dry. Exit the frame. Glue a picture hanging on the back of the frame, or simply cut a small length of tape and glue it in a loop shape on the back of the frame to hang it in that way.

Tips and warnings

Choose ornaments based on the photo. If it’s a picture from a concert, glue the tickets to the frame. If there is a picture from the beach, use a seashell.

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