Ideas Rainwashed Paint Color for Bathroom

Jul 10th

Rainwashed paint color – When we decide to decorate the bathroom we usually look for ways to increase the feelings of cleanliness, size and lighting, for which it is very important to know what color to paint the bathroom, because this will depend greatly on the atmosphere that is believed in our toilet. Painting our bathroom is something that comes well to do from time to time to give a different touch to our bathroom. Whether you want to paint the tiles in your bathroom or if you want to paint the wall of your bathroom we give you the best tips to paint the wall of your bathroom quickly and effectively.

Bathroom tiles or walls of your bathroom can usually be white but now that summer is approaching the perfect time to innovate and try out new colors comes. A very used tone in the bathroom along with white is blue. Several shades of blue combined with white create a nice, fresh effect. Another novel combination is to paint the bathroom walls of rainwashed paint color. Of course, that green is not very strong since a clear tone is always more relaxing. Start by preparing the cleaning of your bathroom by limiting the surface you are going to clean and using painter’s tape to protect different areas of the bathroom so that they do not stain. Covers areas like the faucet with plastic bags and the floor if you can with plastics as well or newspaper.

Prepare the wall to paint rainwashed paint color, if it has mold use a bleach-based product or some anti-mildew cleaner. Using a solution of bleach and water in equal parts will soon eliminate the entire mold on the bathroom wall. Of course, if your wall has mold and removes it, wait 24 hours to start painting and get the best finish by painting walls , then sand the surface to open the pore and remove with a rag the dust that has stuck.

We recommend that you use a special adhesion and paint background for bathrooms. Thus, surfaces will repel mold and will be able to withstand moisture, steam and water droplets that may splash onto the paint. The best finish that you can decant for the wall is the satin because they withstand more washing than the matte finishes. Once you have done all the above you can paint and wait for it to dry to have your perfect bathroom. Bathroom painting is a bit expensive and to avoid mistakes when painting the wall  you should trust the best professionals to do this task.

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